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Membership to DRSLPC is expected to resume at a time to be announced in 2022.

The membership will initially be open to people who currently hold a Category H license and possess a firearm, before we open membership to people who do not hold a license. As an Action Shooting Club we will expect that you will obtain your IPSC Holster accreditation within your first 12 months. New members who do not have a Pistol License will have 24 months to achieve this accreditation.

Failure to reach this accreditation milestone may result in membership being withdrawn.

New Members to the club will need to attain or hold a category H Pistol license for more information please refer to-

New Members Process
Step 1. Complete a Firearm Safety Course at the Club
Step 2. Be accepted for membership of DRSLPC
Step 3. Apply for a Probationary Pistol License
Step 4. Complete minimum Range Attendance and Club requirements and holding your Probationary License for 12 months.

Persons looking to try the sport of Pistol Shooting are advised to make contact with the following clubs that are better suited to facilitate these activities.

1. St Marys Pistol Club
2. Auburn Shooting Academy