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Return to Shooting Update

Submitted by drslpcadm on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 14:56

Dear Member

Horseshoe Range will generally reopen for our use from the 11th July, but you will need to make a booking for a slot to shoot IPSC or for a static bay position.

This means

1. Contacting me to book a slot
2. Getting a confirmation email confirming your slot
3. If you don’t get confirmation you don’t have a slot and you must not come to the range
4. Don’t arrive early or late or without a booking
5. You must show you membership card at the gate, where security will note some detail and count you in and then out of the facility as limits apply. A lost card will cost $6.50 to replace if you can’t find yours.

We are in the process of going cashless to reduce contact and this has a price what will be reflected in slight increases in fees and cost of consumables/ammunition.
If we do not have this in place in time, then exact money only will be accepted and no change will be available.

ie range fees will be $20, $22 with an ISSF target and $24 for a packet of 9mm ammunition.

The range area in total allocated to us, has a maximum number of 20 persons, with 10 per area.
We will have time slots for 9:30 through 10:40 and 10:45 through 12.
The 5 minute gap is to ensure you have left the range and that the shooting tables have been cleaned before the next group if any.
This will be every second week only, no Sundays openings are available at this time.

You will be required to either set up if you are part of the first group or pack up if you are park of the second group.
Range supervision for each group will come from your group of 10. The 20 people on the range include the people to run the range as well.

The range opens for shooting at 9:30am unless otherwise advertised so group 1 should be at the range before 9am and signed in and able to participate in set up activities within your group of 10.
Group 2 should arrive at the range close to the slot time after 10:30am and park inside the gate of the horseshoe and remain in car. Person who finish early in group 1 may be required to marshal people for the second group as required.

Tables with ‘stand here stickers’ will be placed at appropriate locations to ensure you comply with 1.5M physical distancing taking into consideration the 1 person per 4 square meters rule as applied across the firing line for static shooting. In the case of static shooting, 5 firers will shoot in the centre bay from the group of 10, 5 will wait and 2 person will need to supervise the range across the groups of 5. The purpose of all this is to facilitate tracing of who was near whom and at what time should a case emerge within the Club. Area Capacity signs and physical distancing sign will be erected.

If the processes looks or feels to complicated for you or you don’t like the processes, then I suggest you wait till physical distancing rules change as advised by both NSW Health Minister and NSW Sport Minister. We might not see any relaxation for some time of physical distancing.

Loan guns from the Club is a bit tricky as we can’t effectively clean the firearm between users.
This means that it can only be booked out to one person and priority will be given to those new members who have to complete mandatory shoots prior to obtaining a full licence. Choices may be limited.
The exact details of the firearm and who it was book out to will be recorded for the day in the firearm register. The firearm after use will be bagged and returned to storage for 2 weeks after use.

We need to Physical Distance, Disinfect and Record details for tracing. The Club can be fined many thousands of dollars should we not follow processes that comply with Covid-19 health orders.

Attached are some documents for your to read and understand on how the range will operate going forward.

If you have questions post them to me via Facebook so that other can see the question and answer if I have not been clear enough.

Best Regards

Nigel Smith